An important notice of shipping chamber

Sirs/ shipping chambers

Our greetings:

According to the A.P.A work to develop and improve the offered service level to the shipping agencies , it is pleasure to inform you that A.P.A had put a program to offer the technical support to the shipping agencies of system SPS in the electronic Site of A.P.A where the shipping agencies could register to have the needed technical support , then they will have automatic private number from the program of this needed , then the work team will solve any problem and has the ability to follow the needed the level of the work achievement all the time 365/7/24 and also we have the telephones 4807325-4863278 for technical support for the system SPS  all the time 365/7/24 if you please inform the shipping agencies to send a representative from every agency to receive the user name and password for training how to use the program.