Alexandria Port is waiting to sign the contract of the biggest garage by the end of August:

The Admiral/ Medhat Ateya - Alexandria port chairman had announced the acceptance to construct the largest multipurpose garage in Alexandria port and the minister assembly had agreed for this project and its procedures and he had noticed that we will sign the contract with the company that will executed the project. Dr Hisham Arafat – the minister of transport had attended before the end of last August , the chairman of port authority had added to the newspaper – Alyoum Elsabe – that we will construct garage consists of four floors in Alexandria port to receive the customs storage cars that exists on three berths now inside the port , beside the mall cars in maritime terminal where we can use the port berth for customs storage cars to execute investment project on behave Alex. Port  authority.
Alexandria port chairman had said that the new garage capacity will be 2800 cars and highest two floors will be open with the maritime terminal to uses as waiting grad to the people who will visit maritime station and the mall. This project will be executed during one year and half with total cost 285 million pounds and we will save this money from the budget of port authority.
Alexandria port chairman had clarified that we are preparing soon a general bid to open the mall shops in marine station by the national service department that follow the armed forces who had the authority to administrate and operate the maritime station on the other hand he assured that we will redeveloped the railway net that exist in El Dekhila and Alexandria port to support our government to use the railway to transport the goods from our port.    El youm El sabea news