- Alexandria port has received 3062 tourists:

Alexandria port has received yesterday the Maltees Tourism ship (Mein Schiff) that is coming from Turkish then the ship will sail to Safaga Port and it had 3062 tourists from different nationalities that is the biggest number of tourism ship passengers that visited Alexandria during 2015 and the public relations department in the port has prepared a party from the Egyptian of Arts group to receive the tourists and they presented them the presents and flowers.
The Admiral/ Fathy Taha Mohamed - the chairman of Alexandria port authority and by coordinationg with the competent authorities to facilitate all the procedures for tourist to enter and exit of tourists to and from the port easily and peace.
From another point the natural movement has continued in the port where the ratios of stevedoring and the movement of s


 330 Tourists of different nationalities arrived to Alexandria port:

Alex port received the British vessel "Silver Wind" carrying 330 tourists of different nationalities.
The vice- chairman announced the vessels arrived from Greece travelling to the Red Sea ports.
Reda El Ghandour announced that the port set a touristic program with the cooperation with the General Authority of tourist promotion included visit to the touristic places as well as the markets at Alex city.   2-11-2015   Al Messa


The great "Mid Chief one" arrived to Alex port
The port of Alexandria received 12.000 tourists during last October

Alex port received 2874 tourists from different European nationalities on the vessel "Mid Chief One"
The Rear Admiral/ Fathi Taha received the tourists , supervised the vessel entrance and combined procedures.
Tourists, number increased to be 12.000 tourists from different European nationalities.     29-10-2015 Al Gomhuria

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