Arrival of 1040 Tourists to Alexandria Port:

Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad, Alexandria port chairman declared that Alexandria port received yesterday the Bermudian cruise ship “pacific princess” carrying aboard 720 tourists from various nationalities in addition to the crew which was 320 individual, he also added that port authority prepared a great tourism program for the regiment.  El-Akhbar Newspaper   17-6-2013




- The port received 1393 tourists:

The port received 1393 tourists on Wednesday on the Bahamas ship Thomson celebration coming from marmara port – turkey in addition 023 services staff to port. The Alex port chairman facilitates all procedures for tourist.     Ehorya wa aldala news 30/5/2013.


Arrival of 8 Thousands Tourist to the Port:

Alexandria port received the Bahamas cruise ship “Thomson Celebration” coming from the Turkish port Marmara carrying aboard 1221 tourists from various nationalities in addition to its crew that is 521.
Mr. / Reda El-Ghandour the spokesperson of Alexandria port, declared that all arrival procedures of tourists were finished at once, at which they took the buses to visit the city landmarks beside bibliotheca of Alexandria, in addition they made a free tour at city center, Ghandour added that the ship will depart today bonded to Portsaid, on the other hand the tourists number visited the port through this week reached 8 thousands tourist.
The Ships Mount Green & Furevik which came from turkey & Greece finished discharging 58 thousands ton of gasoline & diesel.  El-Gomhoria 18-5-2013

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