Arrival of 2331 tourists to Alexandria port:

Mr/ Reda Elghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port Authority said that the touristic maltese ship had arrived and it had 2331 tourists from different nationalities adding the service crew which included 818 persons.
He added that the tourist group had arrived to the port from intalia Turkey and Alexandria port has prepared great program to the group which includes receiving them with folk music group and visiting the civilization monument and trade markets in Cairo and Alexandria cities.
Admiral/ Medhat Attia - chairman , Engineer/ Mohamed Eldakak, the vice chairman and Admiral/ Ebrahim Elshanawy the port security manager had received the ship and all the ship procedures for enter and exit the tourists.     El gomohouria newspaper  8-11-2016


Popular welcome to receive 2048 tourist in Alexandria:

With Tanoura & Alexandria nuptial Alexandria port received a group of 2048 tourist from different countries on the maltian ship (meenshif) when the ship arrived the berth a popular musician band played to welcome the guests where they clapped and took photos for this band till half an hour. During last week there was a tourist activity where there was (fobageer) the maltian ship with 406 tourist departure the port after spending many days in Alexandria.    ElWatan News  27-10-2016


406 tourists arrived to Alexandria port:

Alexandria port had received the maltese tourism ship (Voyager) and 406 tourists on board from different nationalities in addition to the service crew of 200 people.
The formal speaker of Alexandria port - Mr. Reda El ghandour said that the tourists group had arrived to the port from Cyprus.He pointed that Alexandria port authpority had cooperated with the General Authority of tourism promotion to made great program including the Folk group, visiting the civilization , monuements places and trade markets in Alexandria city the Admiral/ Medhat Attia - The chairman of Alexandria port had received the ship and the tourists and ordered to finish the procedures easily.   El Mesa Newspaper 25-10-2016

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