Economic News  

Arrival of 18 Thousands Ton of Soya Bean

Alexandria port received yesterday the vessel “Cmety Fuel” coming from Cyprus loaded with 18 thousands ton of soya bean, Reda El-Ghandour the official spokesman of Alexandria port said that shipment was discharged in silos to be checked for its validity & insect free, on the other hand he added that the work runs in a normal way at the different departments of the port & raise in container handling volume.11/1/2016

Raise in Container Handling Volume 

Reda El-Ghandour, Alexandria port spokesman declared that the container handling traffic increased at Alexandria & El-Dekheila ports during the past days, at which 8 thousands containers handled on arrival & departure vessels containing general cargo during the past 24 hours. El-Ghandour added that cargo handling done using the most up to date methods of handling which leaded to finish all customs procedures in short time, also the port received the vessel “Bocean Oxmporg” coming from Hong Kong loaded with 3 thousand tons of mineral oil that was discharged to be checked for compliance with standards.   El-Akhbar newspaper 8-1-2016

- Alexandria port received yesterday the vessel “Hope A” coming from Greece carrying aboard 33 tons of Mazout, also the vessel “navigator Neptune” coming from Algeria loaded with 13 tons of Butagaz, Rear Admiral / Fathy Taha – officer in charge for Alexandria port chairman, declared that all authorities in concern worked on discharging the vessels shipments after finishing all customs procedures & preparing them for pumping & storing, he also added that 14 vessels departed, 13 vessels arrived through the past 24 hours carrying different country flags although the bad weather conditions. 18/12/2015

-  Navigation traffic ran in a normal way in Alexandria & El-Dekheila ports & didn’t affected by the bad weather strikes the governorate , Rear Admiral / Fathy Taha – officer in charge for Alexandria port chairman, declared that the port received 11 vessels loaded with shipments of different food commodities & fuel, 3 vessels from Ukraine & Russia loaded with 298 thousand tons of wheat & corn, in addition to the vessel “Road Lora” that is loaded with13 thousand tons of Butagaz coming from Algeria.   14/12/2015


Local News

-  Rear Adm. / Medhat Attia , Alexandria port chairman declared that the port authority laid down all procedures of establishing the biggest & the most modern terminal of (dirty bulk) at El-Dekheila port with an investments exceeds 1 billion L.E, including establishing international modern equipment for environment contaminating cargo, especially coal, cement, iron scrap, wheat & grains. He added that the project will be established by one of national companies which applied in an international bid & chosen after fulfilling all conditions & offered the best offers which achieve the national benefits & that come through a special committee includes all legal, administrative & financial experts which concerned with settling down the contract procedures signed with the port. Attia added that the contract was send for state council to review all articles & ensuring that it comply totally with the law to be signed down in clarity conditions & start directly in delivering yards & berths designated for establishing the project. At which this project considered a public demand for the neighborhood residents who suffered for a long time from the cargo pollution. 31/1/2016
- Alexandria port authority decided to continue opening Alexandria & El-Dekheila straights although the heavy rains by which vessels traffic will not be influenced on berths. He also said that arrival, departure & docking of vessels on berths & cargo handling went in a normal way.31//1/2016

- Employees of Portsaid shipyard (following Suez Canal authority) succeeded by coordination with Navy forces & although the bad weather conditions to recover 7 drawn vessels at Alexandria ports & that come through the national project to recover the port from all drawn vessels & units since years & that comes under the command of General/ Mohab Mameesh who witnessed this achievement by the port employees. On the other hand Eng. / Gamal Khalid, shipyards manger declared that the crane “Rescue No.1” with a tonnage of 500 tons & the barge “Gulf Span” & the crew of 30 individual which includes expert technicians in marine rescue & diving activities, succeeded till now from recovering 7 drawn vessels at the port & refloating another vessel with a total tonnage of 3800 tons, & it is currently working on refloating 2 vessels from 17 drawn vessel at the port despite the drawn marine units. Mameesh added that the work in the project goes normally although the bad weather conditions & maintaining the performance rates which includes finishing up the project in 6 months as scheduled, on the other hand crew shifts exchange days off to maintain the performance rates. 23/1/2016


Tourism News 

Alexandria port has received 3062 tourists:

Alexandria port has received yesterday the Maltees Tourism ship (Mein Schiff) that is coming from Turkish then the ship will sail to Safaga Port and it had 3062 tourists from different nationalities that is the biggest number of tourism ship passengers that visited Alexandria during 2015 and the public relations department in the port has prepared a party from the Egyptian of Arts group to receive the tourists and they presented them the presents and flowers.
The Admiral/ Fathy Taha Mohamed - the chairman of Alexandria port authority and by coordinationg with the competent authorities to facilitate all the procedures for tourist to enter and exit of tourists to and from the port easily and peace.
From another point the natural movement has continued in the port where the ratios of stevedoring and the movement of ships and trucks has registered their national ratios.  El Masry El Youm Newspaper 16-11-2015

- 330 Tourists of different nationalities arrived to Alexandria port:

Alex port received the British vessel "Silver Wind" carrying 330 tourists of different nationalities.
The vice- chairman announced the vessels arrived from Greece travelling to the Red Sea ports.
Reda El Ghandour announced that the port set a touristic program with the cooperation with the General Authority of tourist promotion included visit to the touristic places as well as the markets at Alex city.   2-11-2015   Al Messa

The great "Mid Chief one" arrived to Alex port
The port of Alexandria received 12.000 tourists during last October

Alex port received 2874 tourists from different European nationalities on the vessel "Mid Chief One"
The Rear Admiral/ Fathi Taha received the tourists , supervised the vessel entrance and combined procedures.
Tourists, number increased to be 12.000 tourists from different European nationalities.     29-10-2015 Al Gomhuria

326 Passengers arrived to Alexandria port:

Alex port received yesterday 326 passengers from different nationalities on the cruise vessel "Minerva" from Ain Sokhna.