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نوة قاسم تغلق بوغازي الإسكندرية والدخيلة

شهدت الإسكندرية بداية أنواء "قاسم العاصفة" بعد فترة من ارتفاع درجات الحرارة التي سادت المحافظة طوال الأسابيع السابقة.. وهطلت الأمطار علي بعض مناطق وسط المدينة بشدة بينما لم تشهد باقي الأحياء أي أمطار تذكر. أدت شدة الرياح إلي إغلاق بوغازي ميناء الإسكندرية والدخيلة أمام حركة الملاحة البحرية بسبب سوء الأحوال الجوية وارتفاع الأمواج إلي ثلاثة أمتار ونصف المتر.

وأكد رضا الغندور المتحدث الرسمي بأسم ميناء الإسكندرية أن قرار غلق البوغاز جاء حفاظا علي سلامة الأرواح والسفن والأرصفة والبضائع موضحآ أن الشبورة المائية المنتشرة علي الطريق ليس لها أي تأثير علي حركة السفن والقطارات واللنشات, لافتا إلي أن قرار غلق الميناء بسبب ارتفاع الأمواج.

أدي انخفاض درجات الحرارة إلي خلو الشوارع من الباعة الجائلين المعتادين بالمنشية ومحطة الرمل وإغلاق المحال التجارية لأبوابها بسبب البرودة المفاجئة.  جريدة المساء     6/12/2017

Economic News  

 - Alexandria port authority had a great activity in ships movement trailers and receiving strategy commodities ...where we are unloading a wheat cargo that weight 85000 ton which came from Ukraine on the ships (Wadi Safaga) and (Mardinik) and maize cargo which weight 63000 ton which came from Argentina on the ships (Seth seiz) and two cargoes of Soya oil which weights 20000 ton and Sunflowers oil which weights 11000 ton that came from Argentina on the ship (Torm Horizon) cargo 539 cars from different models which came from Greece on the ferry (Grand Detroit) and a coal cargo which weights 54000 ton which came from Ukraine and USA on the ships (Anna sweels) (Josco Dozo) and we are unloading a gasoline cargo which weights 9000 ton which came from Algeria on the ship (Navigator Eclipse).   Elmesa Newspaper  18-10-2017

- A noticeable activity of ships movement in Alexandria port:

Mr. / Reda El Ghandour – the formal speaker of Alexandria port had declared that the port had an activity in the ships movement, goods and trailers yesterday where there were 30ships had mooring in berths such as the ship (Flera Laguna) which came from Brazil and it had 33000 ton Maize and they are unloading another wheat cargo which weight 58000 ton that came from Romania on the ship (Wadi El Karnack) to reach the storage of grains two millions, two hundred and eighty thousand ton from them 49500 ton of wheat …El Gandour added that the total exit ships in the port is 106   Ell Akhbar Newspaper 16-10-2017

Arriving 10576 live stock to Alexandria port and there is activity in the movement of ships, cargoes and trailers:

Mr./ Reda Elghandour – the formal speaker of Alex. port had said that the port will have a big activity movement in ships and receiving the strategy commodities where they unloading a wheat cargo that weights forty eight thousand ton from the ships (cafa cazy- Volga) which came from Russia and it is unloading now cows, cars, cargo and they are 1857 from different models which came from Italy and Spain on ferries (Grand  detroied- Grand Benim) and the ship (Copstar) had arrived from Russia and it had 6000 ton of coal and we are unloading them.
And the ship (Tomotty Soya) from Argentina and it had 3000 ton of oil it is  unloading now also it is unloading 10576 of live stock they are on the ships (user shift to –BM spayerdone)  from Ukraine and Brazil we are loading also solar cargo which weights 30000 ton  from Saudi Arabia on the ship (Albetroleya) and petroleum oils cargo which weights 7000 ton came from Emirates and Italy on the ships (Yenpluto -  Karin Key).
Adm./ Medhat Ateya - Alex. port chairman had said that the total No. of ships which exist in the port 113 ships and to ships left in the port and 11 ships arrived 41 ships had moored on berths , there are in the outer anchor 19 ships and the inner anchor is 14 ships and he add the electronic system had registered Enter & Exit 10381 trailer and the storage of grains in the port 1 million and eleven thousand ton 330.000 ton wheat , there where 17 trailer had left the port with wheat cargo with load 510 ton to reach to the mills in all governorates through the river transport passing from Hawiss 19 units with 5500 ton of coal.
R.Adm/ Medhat Atya  facilitate entrance and exit of these trailers from (to the port safely and ensured the expire of the commodities before exit from the port.   Elahrar news 7-8-2017

- The ship "motivator" arrived Alexandria port with 30% ton of food oil …, the ship "Kaliana" with 59 thousand ton of wheat and the ships Concorda, Amarglyfada, Therese selmer with 136 thousand ton of Soya. The port received the Lebanon ship BM Spiridon from Uruguay with 9281 live stock and it was surveyed by health & agriculture guarantee and the other concerned authority to ensure its expire health this ship tugged towards berth No.68 instead of 86 because the ship is long Eldekheila port received the ship "E.R. Bourgogne from Canada with iron dioxide 167 thousand tons. Elmesa Newspaper    2-8-2017


Local News

-  R.Admiral / Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port Authority declared  that we received a group from European investments that estimated with 500 thousand to construct the logistic port with area of 400 Fedans and he said we  send a counselor to study the best used for this area with the ground.   El Messa newspaper 1-11-2017
- Light rain yesterday and a mild weather today in Alexandria:

It rained yesterday in Alexandria and it was light in all districts in the governorates and the waves became high and a noticeable reduce of the temperatures.
Mr/ Reda El Ghandour - the speaker of Alexandria port authority had assured that the ships movement and the containers handling is working normally and in regular figure.
Dr/ Ahmed Abd El Aal - the chairman of weather forecast authority had pointed that today and tomorrow the weather will be moderated in all parts in Egypt  during the day and it will be light cold at night.   El Akhbar newspaper 31-10-2017
- Alexandria port is researching the obstacles to get rid of residues:
The Admiral/ Medhat Attia - the chairman of Alexandria port authority has assured that the port authority always tries to finish all obstacles for all companies and who are dealing with the port as it follow the law to achieve the most usafter the meeting that held between Mr/ Mohamed moselhy - the chairman of Alexandria shipping chamber, Admiral/ Mostafa El Deeb - the counselor of minister of transportation for ports and river transportation the repetitive of shipping agencies , the control of imports and exports customs and limited departments to search the obstacles to  to get rid of residues.    El Ahram Newspaper 31-10-2017

- The chairman of Alexandria port authority has assured his interests to develop Alexandria port ... and ha said (we put plans for this developing and we depend on developed economic ideas which are different from the old ideas in a form of general policies - clear and insisting and having challenges for Egypt economic.   El mesa newspaper  18-10-2017

Tourism News 

The folklore is receiving 2522 tourists in Alexandria port:

Alexandria port has received the tourist ship (Mein schiff) and it had 2522 tourists from different nationalities in addition to the service crew which includes 1100 person and the length is 962 foot and its draught is 27 foot.
Mr. Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port said that the port authority had prepared very good program to receive the touristic group in addition to a pretending to visit the civilization and touristic sites and trading centers in Cairo and Alexandria cities.
It is decided to return the touristic group to their ship after they finished their journey to visit the ports of the Mediterranean sea.
The Admiral/ Medhat Attia - the chairman of Alexandria port had received the ship and the tourists and he instructed to finish all the procedures for their enter and exit to and from the port easily.   El Gamhouria Newspaper  24-5-2017 

The biggest tourist ship in the world had reached Alexandria:

Alexandria port had received yesterday  The Maltese touristic Ship (Mein schiff) that considers the biggest touristic ship in the world and it  had on board 2366 tourists from different nationalities and 1015 from its crew in celebrating atmosphere and Mr./ Reda El Ghandour – the formal speaker of Alexandria port said that  it was preparing a great program to receive the tourists starting with distributing the flowers and using the flute and the drum and then the group of folklore which showed some songs and arts to welcome them – the Admiral/ Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port authority pointed to finish all the procedures that belong to the tourists to go out of the port easily to visit the civilization and monument places.  El Akhbar newspaper 10-4-2017

500 tourists arrived to Alexandria port although the seaport is closed:

Although the seaport is closed for two days because of the bad weather Alexandria port authority succeeded to facile the tourist ship (Amadea) with 500 tourists from different countries.
R.Adm/ Medhat Ateya - Alex port chairman said that the port will be opened and 95 ships are waiting on the anchor since the seaport closed.   Elmaseaa News  26-12-2016

The passenger of Alex port is ready to receive the tourist ships:

Dr./ Galal Said - the transport minister insure the passenger station of Alex port is ready to receive tourist ship where it was been developed and became the capaitator the other terminal in med. sea . It is consista of big mole on area & thousand m2 include commercial area and marine beth with 1000 m in addition hinterland to charge and discharge ship in the car waiting area.
The transport  minister added that the tourist added that the tourist rail station is ready to tansport passengers and tourist from marine station to tourist places directly with new trains in high instrument, there is an agreement to consist a team work from the two sides to put a complete plane to activate the tourist activity through attraction the cruise ships from the Europe contries which share in activate the tourist movement.   El Ahram news 25-12-2016