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تم فتح بوغازي الإسكندرية والدخيلة ، والطقس غير مستقر حتي نهاية الإسبوع 26/11/2014

Economic News  

27 Thousands of Petroleum Products at Alexandria Port in May:

Container & cargo handling traffic at Alexandria port witnessed improve & great increase during May, Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad Alexandria port chairman declared that the port received during last May 104 ships loaded with general cargo, also 141 container ships arrived Alexandria loaded with 55221 container.
On the other hand, Reda El-Ghandour the official spokesman of Alexandria port declared that the ship received during May 40 ships loaded with 278696 tons of petroleum products to participate in solving the diesel strike, in addition to the presence of a ship loaded with various vehicles & different other cargo.
He also added that there are 6 cruise ships arrived which carried 10920 tourists from various nationalities, by which the total number of arrived ships to the port is 335 ships with a total tonnage of 1950143 tons. Reda assured on rising in the performance at the port in the different departments of the port.  El-Horya Wel El-Adala Newspaper    3-6-2013

Alexandria port receive 245 cargo ships:

Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad, Alexandria port authority declared that the port received during last May 10,900 tourists carried by 6 ship, he also added that the ship received 245 ships including 104 ships of general cargo with a total load of 550 thousands ton, 141 containers ships which handled 55,221 TEU containers with a total load of 618 thousands ton.  El-Gomhoria  2-6-2013

Arrival of 24 Thousands Ton of Corn from Ukraine:

The Turkish ship “TAMREY” coming from Marshalls islands carrying a shipment of 24 thousands ton of corn, he also added that the shipment came from Ukraine to be discharge in silos for fumigation and checking, on the other hand the cargo & container handling traffic in the port runs in a normal way. El-Gomhoria   1-6-2013

Arrival of 13 Thousands Ton of Sunflower Oil & 327 Thousands Ton of Iron to The Port:

Alexandria port received on Tuesday the ship “Ocenacobal T” which carry 160thousands ton of iron coming from Brazil & the ship “Ninera Noubie” which carry 167 thousands ton of iron coming from Brazil, also the ship “Shusha” arrived loaded with 13 thousands ton of sunflower oil coming from Ukraine & the ship “Swallow Ace” carrying 623 Vehicles from Jordon.
On the other hand, the port witnessed a normal navigational traffic & cargo handling at which 17 ships arrived, 15 ships departed, 19 ships on the inner anchorage & 14 ships at the outer anchorage to reach 92 ships at the port.
Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad, Alexandria port chairman declared that all authorities took alle necessary products for discharging the shipments.   Horya Wel Adala Newspaper   30-5-2013


Local News

4 Agreements between Egypt & Greece:

The Greece president Karolos Papoulias received yesterday Mohamed Kamel Amr minster of foreign affairs, Amr declared after the meeting that there were several common issues between the two countries have been discussed, in addition to reviewing the bilateral relationships & ways of support in several fields, Amr declared that 4 agreements & memorandum were been signed concerning activation of bilateral relationships, including an agreement of establishing a board for Egyptian & Greece businessmen, on the other hand a memorandum of cooperation concerning items of euro union was been signed, also an agreement between ports of Alexandria & Piraeus, the fourth agreement concerning exemption of  diplomats from getting visas.  Al-Ahram Newspaper  14-6-2013

The Turkish “Ghost of the Seas” Docks at Alexandria Port:

The turkish frigate “Heybeliada” which known as “ghost of the seas” arrived on Tuesday Alexandria port, to support the bilateral relationship between cairo & Ankara, & that came through a journey including north Africa ports in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco.
The visit come in accordance with the arrival of the Turkish navy commander “Murat Bilgel” to Alexandria, at which he visited the Turkish martyrs cemetery at Alexandria then he visited his Egyptian counterpart Osama El-Gendy” at the Egyptian navy command.
The Turkish fleet commander said that his country maintain the political, economic, cultural relationships with Egypt as well as the military relationship. He also added in media conference held on the Turkish frigate that “the two countries will participate in the common military exercises which held annually in Egypt or Turkey”.  El-Horya Wel Adala Newspaper    13-6-2013

Shipping Line between Alexandria & Benghazi:

Reda El-Ghandour, the spokesman of Alexandria port authority said that there is a study to establish a regular shipping line between Alexandria & Benghazi to transport passengers, which came during the reception of Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin, Alexandria port chairman for Sherif El-Sayed Salem head of Libyan authority of transport & ports & his accompanied regiment.
Reda said that activation of cooperation between the two ports was been studied, in the field of data exchange & settling down a common mechanism for coordination between ports & termination of all constraints facing cooperation in maritime transport.
On the other hand, Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin accompanied the Libyan regiment in a tour at the port which included the electronic management department, port museum & the commercial mall of the marine terminal.
Alexandria port received yesterday the cruise ship "Seabourn" carrying aboard 750 tourists from various European nationalities, in addition to the reception of the cruise ship "Grand Dahlia" carrying aboard 492 vehicles, while the total number of vessels on berths reached 91 vessels including loading & discharging.  El-Gomhoria Newspaper  11-6-2013

Alexandria Port Expands in Issuing Licenses for Discharging on Anchorage:

Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad, Alexandria port chairman declared that the port is prepared in the next period to terminate the decrease in berths by launching a new product at EL-Dekheila port. Its currently working on preparing a bid of general cargo project with an area of 800 m of berths & storage yards of 260 thousands ton to be operated by BOT.
The port authority expanded during the last period in issuing licenses for companies which work in discharging on outer anchorage like “El-Watnya River Transport Co. which follow El-Kalaa Investments Co.” & “Nile Stevedoring Co.”, on the other hand it was noted that the grains zone at El-Dekheila port was developed recently by establishing horizontal grain silos on an area of 100 thousands m2 which was been divided on the operating companies to increase the storability & productivity of the port & also stevedoring rates, in addition of establishing silos of storability of 260 thousands ton to be increased in the future to 390 thousands ton.
Hamad added that the last month witnessed reception of Alexandria port to a floating berth following to Nile Stevedoring Co. with discharging rates more than those on regular berths, at which the floating berth can discharging all kind of ships at the outer anchorage despite their depths.
Nile stevedoring co. announced about launching the entrance of its floating berth to Alexandria port that will operate at the outer anchorage of the port to increase the ability of the port by a ratio of 22 % annually with 2 million tons of 300 million L.E.
Hamad pointed out that the floating berth will discharge in barge that will discharge at the warehouses of the company at El-Noubaria which contains customs unit which terminate all customs procedures.  El mal Newspaper  30-5-2013


Tourism News 

Alexandria Port Receives 1765 Tourists:

Alexandria port received today Wednesday 19-6 the Maltese ship “Thomson Celebration” coming from Marmara Turkish port, carrying aboard 1245 tourists from various nationalities in addition to 520 individual of crew, the ship will be directed after that to Portsaid, on the other hand the navigation at the port runs in a normal way, at which 20 ships were arrived, 16 ships departed, 16 ships at outer anchorage, 19 ships at inner anchorage, to reach the total number ships at the port to 94 ships, Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin, Alexandria port chairman coordinated with all authorities with concern to terminate all procedures of tourists entrance & exiting in easily & safety way.  Alexandria port Authority   19-6-2013

Arrival of 1040 Tourists to Alexandria Port:

Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad, Alexandria port chairman declared that Alexandria port received yesterday the Bermudian cruise ship “pacific princess” carrying aboard 720 tourists from various nationalities in addition to the crew which was 320 individual, he also added that port authority prepared a great tourism program for the regiment.  El-Akhbar Newspaper   17-6-2013

Alexandria Port Receives Tourists & Strategic Cargo:

Alexandria port received on Monday 3/6 the cruise ship “Pacific Princess” coming from Portsaid carrying 645 tourists from various nationalities, in addition to 350 individual of the crew, the ship will direct after that for Italy, on the other hand the port witnessed a normal traffic at which 19 ships arrived including: the ship “B.Bera” loaded with 3 thousands ton of mineral oil coming from Italy, the ship “Dominia” loaded with 33 thousands ton of diesel coming from Greece, the ships “Spes”, “Sea Coquetta”, “Grande” which loaded with 20 thousands ton of klinker coming from Cyprus. There were 18 ships departed, 16 ships on the outer anchorage, 20 ships at the inner anchorage to be the total number of ships at the port 82 ships. Rear Adm. / Adel Yassin Hamad, Alexandria port chairman coordinated with all the authorities at the port to terminate all entrance & exiting procedures of tourists in quick & easy way.  3-6-2013 

The Port Receives 1293 Tourists:

Alexandria port received yesterday Wednesday the Bahamas ship “Thomson Celebration” coming From Marmara carrying aboard 1293 tourists from various nationalities, in addition to 523 individual of crew, hereafter the ship will head to Portsaid. Horya Wel Adala Newspaper   30-5-2013