Economic News  

- The Formal speaker of Alexandria port Mr/Reda Elghandour had assured that the storage of grains in the stores and silos in the port had reached million and thirty seven thousand ton and 288000 from them is wheat.   Elmesa newspaper     26-7-2017

- This week it had arrived to Alexandria port 210 thousand ton cargoes and Alexandria port had a great activity in the movement of the ships, trailers and receiving the strategy goods where it is unloading a wheat cargo with weight 76000 ton which came from Russia and Ukraine on the two ships (Kalina – La Zorite) and it is unloading now a maize cargo with weight 3000 ton which came from Argentina on the ship (king Fraifet) and it is unloading a cars cargo with 576 cars with different models which came from Spain on the ferry (Grand Cecilia) and (Neptun Hilas) now we are unloading a petroleum oils cargo that weight 5000 ton that came from Emirates on the ship (Ym Venos) , we are unloading Soya bean that weight 27000 ton which came from Argentina on the Ship (Dany Boy) solar cargo that weight 30000ton that came from Saudi on the petroleum ship and gas cargo that weight 9000 ton that came from Cyprus on the ship (Afteiaksia).  Elmesa newspaper  26-7-2017

 Arrival of 318 thousand ton of wheat, maize and Soya bean in Alexandria:

Alexandria port had a great activity yesterday where the port had received some cargoes from food strategy and petroleum cargoes from food strategy and petroleum substance, the formal speaker of Alexandria port had announced that. He said that the port had received 318 thousand ton of wheat, maize and Soya bean from Russia, America, Argentina and Ukraine to increase the grains store in the port to million and one hundred thirteen thousand ton and 429 from them is wheat and he added that the port had received two cargoes from petroleum oils that weighted six thousand ton which came from Cameron and Emirates solar from Saudi Arabia weighted 27 thousand ton and ptomaine cargo which 6 thousand ton which came from Italy, mazot cargo which weighted 31 thousand ton which came from Malta and live stock cargo 2522 which came from Spain and he pointed that the Admiral / Medhat Attia the Chairman of Alexandria Port Authority had issued his orders to be certain of all cargoes validity which came from abroad according to the rules and coordinate with the competent department. ElGomhoria news paper   11-6-2017

- Mr. Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port authority has assured that the storage of grains in stores and silos in the port has risen to reach a million and 41000 ton ....340000 ton from it is wheat.     El Messa Newspaper 24-5-2017


Local News

- A New shipping Line to join Alexandria With the ports in North America:

The company (El Bahary for logistic Services) declared that adding Alexandria port to its system from the Egyptian ports that can offer to the world companies, the services of transporting the heavy , general and liquid cargo that including its north America Journeys. That was happened in the working workshop in French Marseilles port and it was organized by Barcelona ports to discuss the Logistics solutions to reduce the carbon smoke in the ports and the shipping waterways in the Mediterranean sea.
Admiral/ Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port Authority had participated in the workshop.
Mr/ Ahmed Ben Mohamed El Ghes  - the chairman of logistic services maritime of Alexandria port the second port of direct transportation in Egypt after suez and port Said that the resolution of working had appeared after increasing demand in the logistic services in Egypt because this step will help us to benefit from the increasing regional nat. and he added that the service in the port will be through maritime navy for logistic services that join 4 ports with united states with Saudi Arabia and other main ports in the gulf India subcontinent and Mediterranean.     El gamhoria newspaper 9-7-2017
- Arafat: Garage receive 162000 cars annually in Alexandria port
Dr/Hesham Arafat - the minister of transportation said that we are doing the procedures to construct a project of multi floors garage in Alexandria port with cost 285 million pounds to receive the increased demand of import activity and storing cars inside the customs department specially we can not find enough yards for receiving cars in addition of helping the work in the touristic zone in the port which needs enough places to serve the touristic ships terminal and the trade centre according to the general planning of Alexandria port and he clarified that the period of executing the project is 18 months after finishing the working procedures and he assured that the customs storage capacity in the garage is 162000 cars annually.    El Akhbar Newspaper 7-7-2017
- The first stage of El Dekhila port pivot of executing had finished:
Admiral/ Medhat Attia - the chairman of Alexandria port had announced that it was finished of executing the first stage of the new El dekhila pivot that start from the port passing by the saline sans arriving to the construction pivot and the international coastal road , added that this pivot will transfer the movements of trucks from El Dekhila port directly to the (International coastal) without passing to the city center of Alexandria , he said that the second stage from this great project will finish before the end of this year , the cost of the two stages is 370 million L.E and he added that the pivot is including a road with length 2.30 km and a bridge with length 1.300 km in addition to the construction bridge and its length is about kilometer.
The media speaker of the minister of transportation Mr/ Mohamed Ezz clarified that the pivot of El Dekhila will inaugurate before the end of this year he said that it is considered from the giant projects that executed by the ministry  that presented by general El Nil for constructing roads company which finane by Alexandria port Authority to join El Dekhila port with the international coastal road.   El Ahram newspaper 28-6-2017
- The general authority of river transport had inaugurated hawees El Maleh ElSagheer that situated in Alexandria port in front of ElMelaha El Nahria movement after finishing the maiintenance works for the hawees which executed by the Egyptian company for repairing and constructing the ships which follow the maritime services and industries department ... and this Hawees ElMaleh is consider a join mean between Alexandria port and the river transport net.   El Mesa Newspaper 15-6-2017 

Tourism News 

The folklore is receiving 2522 tourists in Alexandria port:

Alexandria port has received the tourist ship (Mein schiff) and it had 2522 tourists from different nationalities in addition to the service crew which includes 1100 person and the length is 962 foot and its draught is 27 foot.
Mr. Reda El Ghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port said that the port authority had prepared very good program to receive the touristic group in addition to a pretending to visit the civilization and touristic sites and trading centers in Cairo and Alexandria cities.
It is decided to return the touristic group to their ship after they finished their journey to visit the ports of the Mediterranean sea.
The Admiral/ Medhat Attia - the chairman of Alexandria port had received the ship and the tourists and he instructed to finish all the procedures for their enter and exit to and from the port easily.   El Gamhouria Newspaper  24-5-2017 

The biggest tourist ship in the world had reached Alexandria:

Alexandria port had received yesterday  The Maltese touristic Ship (Mein schiff) that considers the biggest touristic ship in the world and it  had on board 2366 tourists from different nationalities and 1015 from its crew in celebrating atmosphere and Mr./ Reda El Ghandour – the formal speaker of Alexandria port said that  it was preparing a great program to receive the tourists starting with distributing the flowers and using the flute and the drum and then the group of folklore which showed some songs and arts to welcome them – the Admiral/ Medhat Attia – the chairman of Alexandria port authority pointed to finish all the procedures that belong to the tourists to go out of the port easily to visit the civilization and monument places.  El Akhbar newspaper 10-4-2017

500 tourists arrived to Alexandria port although the seaport is closed:

Although the seaport is closed for two days because of the bad weather Alexandria port authority succeeded to facile the tourist ship (Amadea) with 500 tourists from different countries.
R.Adm/ Medhat Ateya - Alex port chairman said that the port will be opened and 95 ships are waiting on the anchor since the seaport closed.   Elmaseaa News  26-12-2016

The passenger of Alex port is ready to receive the tourist ships:

Dr./ Galal Said - the transport minister insure the passenger station of Alex port is ready to receive tourist ship where it was been developed and became the capaitator the other terminal in med. sea . It is consista of big mole on area & thousand m2 include commercial area and marine beth with 1000 m in addition hinterland to charge and discharge ship in the car waiting area.
The transport  minister added that the tourist added that the tourist rail station is ready to tansport passengers and tourist from marine station to tourist places directly with new trains in high instrument, there is an agreement to consist a team work from the two sides to put a complete plane to activate the tourist activity through attraction the cruise ships from the Europe contries which share in activate the tourist movement.   El Ahram news 25-12-2016