Economic News  

50.000 ton of coke had arrived to Alexandria port:

The ship (Geney pioneer) had arrived to Alexandria port coming from Panama carrying 50.000 ton coke, Mr.Reda El gahndour - The formal speaker said that the cargp had been unloaded on dedicated berths after finishing the customs and inspection procedures in order to send it to the factories in other governorates and he assured that there is increasing in handling movement and containers and he pointed that the operation of departutr then ship and arriving on berths is in normal way and in high level  and working system in all deptments. Rose El youssef Neswspaper 25-10-2016

Alexandria port received 100.000 tons petroluem substances:

The speaker of Alexandria port authority declared that the port had received 100.000 ton petroleum cargo, Solar, Petrol and gas yesterday from Greece, Algeria and Russia where a ship had arrived from Greece carrying 33000 tons petrol crude , 7000 tons Solar from Algeria.
The port received 161.000 ton Maize from Brasil, Ukraine and Romain.   El Gomhoria Newspaper  21-10-2016

Alexandria port received 30 thousand ton Solar & 63 thousand ton of wheat from Russia:

Mr/ Reda Elghandour - the formal speaker of Alexandria port assured that the port is discharging shipment of Solar about 30 thousand ton of Solar from Russia the ship (Mersek Adriatic) and 12 thousand metric ton of Gas from Cyprus & Spain on the ships gasodison & carekapa, Also the ship (Nipton Hileas) from Greece with 240 cars, the ship (Landaus birth) with 49 thousand ton of coke from Russia (Skyerous) with 63 thousand ton of wheat, (sea buisicuts) from Ukraine with 66 thousand ton of maize.
The total of ships is 135 ship where ship departure of 7 ship, arrival of 12 ship on berth no. 3,43 ship on the outer anchor, 13 ship on the inner anchor , 45 exited from the port through the sea port in additional arrived unit with 13 thousand of coke and 8 units with 2400 ton.
Mr/ El ghandour said that the stored grain is million and 134 ton 440 thousand of them is wheat.The electronic system in the gates registered 10 thousand trucks in/out the port, 96 trucks with 2880 ton, 223 thousand ton of cargo during last 24 hours.
R.adm/ Medhat Attia - the port chairman assured that the coordination with the authorities facile the trucks in/out easy and safety after insure the validity of the cargo before its discharging.     El masry El youm News 13-10-2016

After military forces contracted to import baby milk  the second shipment of milk arrived Eldekhila port:

The second shipment of baby milk arrived Eldekhila port after military forces contracted with international co. for milk to distribute it and offer it in pharmacists and markets belong to ministry of health in all the country with price 30 LE /one. the first shipment arrived on 19 September which ensure the good effort to save the milk and control the local price fastly the military forces interested in help the citizen and share the country administration to prevent monopoly and attack the price dearness there were good efforts in Eldekhila port shipment consignment and discharged with coordination between military forces, concerned administration in ministry  of health and import and export control authority to survey the consignee in the port to ensure its validity to transfer it by save way and method.    El ahram  10-10-2016


Local News


A British seaplane airplanes carrier had arrived to Alexandria :
It participated in combating operations in piracy and terrorism the british ambassador said that we want to deep the military relation with Egypt

Through the frame to enhance the relation between Egypt and British yesterday the British airplanes carrier had arrived to Alexandria port to participate in cooperation training with the Egyptian maritime forces.
Mr./ Robert Beder- the captain of airplanes carrier( ocean) had put a crown of flowers in the place of unknown solider in Alexandria and he did the military grating to the solider and the martyrs souls and he said that helicopter carrier ( ocean ) is the biggest ship in maritime British forces and it participated in many human and war tasks since it enter the service from the most important British marine unite the captain added that this ship has grate ability resperate fastly and to carry 18 monoplanes, 40 amour car and 500 British sailors . this ship ensure the stron relation ship between Egypt and Brittan and the role of each other the empsador of britain ensure that Britain do its best to deep the military relations hip between Egypt and exchange the experience in military field and cooperation between them, and president Abd El Fatah El Sisi visited London to enhance the relationship between training to build the future of the relation ship between the two countries.  El youm 7 news  17-10-2016

Co-operation between Alexandria engineer corporation, Alexandria port and Electricity Co.:

Engineer/ Samar Shelby - head of the branch Corporation of engineers held many meeting with the board of Syndicate and the association of the city which include huge Number of engineers work in.
These meeting to submit Services to the Syndicate members in the work places.
Engineer/Samar  Shelby  met  R.adm/Medhat  Ateya - the  port  chairman this  meeting  resulted  the  chance for  graduated  from  Faculty  of engineering  to be trained  inside  the  port  to  help  them  to achieve  real experiences  to qualify  them  to  work .
Also  will  do real  visiting  to the  Port  to communicate  with  the engineers  worked  at the Port  to  Facilitate getting  the  Syndicate Services   also to save the training Courses  from  the Syndicate  or  what  the  engineers  required  this Co-operation  has  a  good  effect  on Society and  will be  Seminars about the  port  history and  its  important  role.
Engineer/Samar Shelby  also met  the  head of  engineers Syndicate  Engineer/ Khaled  Amin  and  Engineer / Hamdy  Okash  - head of  Alexandria   for electricity  distribution to do exhibition  to  save  "led lamps"   and  there  are many field Co-operation and will be representative  from the Co. to Facilitate Services the Co. save Led Lamps to People premium  to Save. ELGOMHOREYA   12-10-2016

Admiral /Medhat Attia: - desert road join Alexandria and El Dekhila ports with cost 610 million pounds:

The Admiral /Medhat Attia the chairman of Alexandria port authority had declared that we are continue of comprehensive development works of infrastructure and the upper part in Alexandria and El Dekhila Ports to be logistic ports to attract shipping lines. he added that Alexandria port had the first rank  in all the Egyptian ports in trade movement as nearly 60% of the foreign trade in Egypt is passing through , in addition to obtaining   the prize of” the best trade port” as the best level to execute the investment plan in the financial year 2015/2016 was achieved.
The project of dredging the water way and the water surface had been achieved in Alexandria port in 6 weeks instead of 12 months by using a Belgium dredge which is consider one of the biggest dredge in the world, it costs about 58 million L.E. and 2 million m2 of sand and more are resulting from the dredging process. So that the vessels movement is going easily and quickly, the capacity of handling containers is going to increase as well. we do not stop at this point but the development will include modernize the star of the port which considers one of the historic sign, the system of maritime supports, buoys in all entrances to achieve the most levels in security, safety and coping the world development –17 ships had been salvaged out of 20 the sunken ships since more than decade. According to the president decree to be achieved in a less than one year. There is one sunken ship and two other ships are mooring now.
Now we are doing two connections to solve the problems of traffic in roads and the ring road of Alexandria and El Dekhila ports , one of them is connecting El Dekhila port with the costal international road with cost 280 million LE and one of national company is executing it that follow the ministry of  transport to contribute of reduce the traffic jam in the area of El Dekhila and el Betash. the second connection is joining Alexandria port with the coastal international road with coast 330 million le and it is executing also by a company which follow the ministry of transport as well as the developing of bridge 27 was recently inaugurated to recently to reduce the traffic jam at El Kabary and el Wardian to terminate the crowdedness. The rail way and river transport (multipurpose transport) from inside to outside the port and vice verse.
Job opportunities are offered to youth as many investment projects were held. 50.000 workers and employees are working in companies inside the port more than 4000 laborer working in Alexandria port authority most of them are from Alexandria city. Alexandria port has an important role in available strategic commodities as it had specialized terminals such as the petroleum terminal that receiving petroleum products and fuel silos and grains terminal that store2 million tons. Lives stocks terminal as well as the presence of many yards and equipment to receive all the strategic commodities and food products.
Alexandria port make great effort to return the maritime trips to Alexandria city so that, the port participate in the midcruise2016 conference in Santacruise Tenir Spain  where200 associations and 3000participans from allover the world present  the most modern means and systems used in the industry of touristic maritime trips and the preferable touristic places .specially the Mediterranean sea.
Alexandria port was the best trade port as it achieve the highest level  of executing  the investment plan in the financial year 2015/2016 as the greatest number was achieved nearly 100%  .new land was added  to the port hinterland from wood trading company to be total 44 feddans.     El Akhbar news paper  9-10-2016

Admiral/ Medhat  Atteya - The Chairman of Alexandria Port Authority
He Said in Al Ahram that we face smuggle operations and we cooperate to move the economic stagnation

Admiral/ Medhat  is a calm , deep thinking personality and he has the ability to take decision and experience which make him able to manage the most important port in the Mediterranean sea ,(Alexandria port .He is Admiral / Medhat Atteya The Chairman of Alexandria port Authority and we have made with him this dialogue).

In occasion of passing 50 years of the republic resolution to determine the jurisdictions the port – so what are the most important jurisdictions?

Alexandria port authority is responsible for alone to administrative ElDekheila and Alexandria ports according to the exist public policy to the ports of the republic in order to work easily and regularly and raise its level to the most level of efficiency in all activities. The port is responsible for also in constructing and maintaining the berth for mooring the ships , water breaks , waterways , widen , clarify and deepen the port , doing the operations of loading and unloading and interior transport in the port through the companies which work in the port .and it is also specializes to do the works of security and guarding in the customs barriers. Using , maintaining and administrate the maritime terminal, the lands and other constructions that own to authority or which had taken by the port to administrate it , doing the pilotage in the port. Imposing a tariff for the services which execute by the authority and the working companies in Alexandria port after certify it from the specialized minister and take his opinion about the dues and revenues that use in the port through other departments. And the Authority specializes to write the laws and systems which insure the work to continue without obstacles in the government.

What is the security port plan to face the smuggle operations?

We face the smuggle operations in continuance and organized from. And the laws are oblige to inspect 10% from any goods. We are in the port after revolution inspect nearly all goods. And these are clear instructions of the responsible in customs and concern department for the employees and the customs employees also has experience in these topic. So that they can know through previous experiences. The smuggled cargoes from drugs and others and they can know through many factor such as its price and in this case they can make group of police and customs to arrest illegal person. We have in the port a television control system with closed circles and advanced appliances to detect any rays , we have security plan to secure the ships , persons , and constructions and we participate with the maritime transport sector to have secure committee every month and coordinate with the maritime security institution , it is the certified department from IMO. To evaluate the security in ports utilities in A.R.E. and maritime security organization because the certified department to secure souls.

Did you execute single window to facilitate the work for the citizens?

We should differentiate between the single window and the electronic system and the single window system is studying now by country so it is formed a ministerial committee from three ministers and they are transport, Financial and , Trade and this committee had started actually its work and it had some branches committees and one from them its head is the vice chairman of Alexandria port authority . So we are in a single window and we are working in a planned frame in the country in this topic. To unify the efforts in the port and participate with all +efforts with their with all efforts with the colleague from the specialized ministers and nearly we will finish executing this system in airport and all over the country.

What  are the most important agreements with the authority? And what are their benefit actually?

Alexandria has achieved its tasks to be  a great gate in the middle east region through enhance and facilitate the world maritime for Egypt with the European countries through availability of competition port services and enhance the port capacity to satisfy the needs of customers in the future. From another side we are careful to sign cooperation protocols with the world's ports.
Through the international cooperation unit in the ministry of transport because these protocols put our steps in the map of world ports. and we have more than ten international agreements with the world ports and we benefit in the fields of information experiences , training and containers handling. We have cooperation with the European Bank , international maritime organizations and ISPS and others which increase the benefit from cooperation with these parties.
Near we will sign a new agreement with Valencia port in the field of cooperation, training and exchange experiences. And we have many cooperation protocols with many world Europeans .before we sign any agreement of protocols we should have the acceptance of specialized departments we should look at economic and national goal. And we should look at the benefits of these agreements because the important is the benefit of the agreement not from having many agreements only.

How could be the cooperation between the authority and specialized departments to move the economic stagnation?

We cooperate with other departments such as customs and the control of import and export and others. We try to reduce the waiting time of the ship in the port, we try to develop the offered services to our develop the offered services to our customers if they are local or internationals., we try also to develop the human in the port , we try to construct specialized terminals in high level and we started that actually . So we have in Alexandria and ElDekheila ports specialized terminals which owned to the country and others which able to world completion which activate the economic too. We cooperate with warehouses companies, shipyards, shipping chambers. Trade chamber and Alexandria governorate to achieve the public behalf to our country and remove all obstacles which block the investments.   El Ahram Newspaper 30-8-2016


Tourism News 

- Three thousand tourists arrived safaga, and Sharm Elshekh, and Alexandria:

There was a noticed activity in Alex. And red Sea ports in tourist movement where received about three thousand tourists in safaga (1152 tourists) on the ship Notika from different nationalities coming Elakaba port to visit the tourist places in Luxor and Aswan , also the shop (black water) departed the port with 451 tourists and 353 from crew to 90 sharm Elshikh port.
On another side the "Silver Wesber "departed the port with 296 tourist and 300 person from crew.
R.Adm. / Hesham Abusena Chairman of red sea port assure that the facilities and ease the procedures are important specially the priority for the tourist ship and  coordinate with companies and marine agencies to save the buses to transport the tourists from the port with police cars.
- Mr.Reda Elghandour the formal speaker in behalf of Alex. port that the port receive of the Maltian ship" meen shif one" with 1859 from different nationalities in addition the services crew 800 person the tourist group arrived the port from "eleinelsokhna" and Alex. Port with the tourist authority in the government prepared a program for the group which will arrived Mediterranean Sea to continue the trip.
Vice chairman / Mohamed Eldakak received the group and ordered to finish all procedures,
The Pilot / Sadek Alshory Elgardaka international Airport announce the air movements is 43 air trip, and the there is a safety committee from Russia transport arrived Elghardakha airport to check the safety procedures to re-operate the Russian air the committee will finish its work the next Friday.

- Arrival of 2626 Tourists from Various Nationalities to Alexandria Port:

Alexandria port received the Maltese cruise ship “Meen Chief” carrying 1795 tourists from various nationalities in addition to its crew of 831 personnel, the vessel came from Safaga to visit the monumental landmarks & tourism sights at Alexandria & Cairo to continue its trip to Cyprus & other Mediterranean ports, Reda El-Ghandour the official port spokesman said that the port prepared a program accompanied by roses bouquets & folk dances in the reception of the tourists, & that came in coordination with tourism board, El-Ghandour added that the port personnel provided all facilities for the vessel since it came till departure the tourists from the port. On other hand, Eng./ Mohamed El-Dakak, Alexandria port vice president gave instructions to terminate all procedures of entering & exiting of tourists. El-Mesa Newspaper 3/4/2016

- Alexandria port received the cruise ship “Island Sky” coming from El-Ein El-Sokhna carrying various nationalities & it will travel later to Cyprus, Reda El-Ghandour Alexandria port spokesman said that the port personnel provided all facilities for the vessel since it came till departure the tourists from the port. El-Mesa Newspaper 1/4/2016 

- Alexandria port has received 3062 tourists:

Alexandria port has received yesterday the Maltees Tourism ship (Mein Schiff) that is coming from Turkish then the ship will sail to Safaga Port and it had 3062 tourists from different nationalities that is the biggest number of tourism ship passengers that visited Alexandria during 2015 and the public relations department in the port has prepared a party from the Egyptian of Arts group to receive the tourists and they presented them the presents and flowers.
The Admiral/ Fathy Taha Mohamed - the chairman of Alexandria port authority and by coordinationg with the competent authorities to facilitate all the procedures for tourist to enter and exit of tourists to and from the port easily and peace.
From another point the natural movement has continued in the port where the ratios of stevedoring and the movement of ships and trucks has registered their national ratios.  El Masry El Youm Newspaper 16-11-2015