Economic News  

The stevedoring movement at Alex. Port is completed in an organized form

Mr.Reda Elghandour the formal speaker of Alexandria Port Authority assures that the stevedoring movement at Alex. Port is completed in an organized form .and the range of truck, river Barger and railway transport is in a natural ratio, The Alex. Port chairman R.Adm/Medhat Atya was existed in the port since yesterday morning also he controlled the work in Alex. & ElDekheila port, the security work, berth & areas and the surface water.  Elahram News 26/4/2016

- Charged arrived Alex. Port

Charged arrived Alex. Port from administration of secure the gates and surveying the parcels by ray. Included in the fourth stage of investigation by ray system to install them in the airports where the system can survey two trucks at the same time or 25 trucks during an hour.ElAkhbar News 24/4/2016

- Arrival of 63 Thousands Ton of Russian Wheat to Alexandria Port:

Alexandria port received yesterday 63 thousands ton of wheat from Russia on two vessels “Vego Rose” & “Western Mable”, Reda El-Ghandour the official spokesman of Alexandria port that the two vessels were docked on grains berths, by which Rear Adm. / Medhat Attia, Alexandria port chairman gave his instructions to discharge & store the two shipment in silos after checking by control & surveillance authorities for its validity to be fumigated after that. El-Ghandour declared that Rear Adm. /Medhat Attia approved the grain stock report which showed increase to 1 million & 425 thousands ton of wheat, corn & soya bean to occupy 71% of the storing capacity of silos with a total of 2 million tons, at which the wheat took a share of 463 thousands ton.
- Alexandria port looks for new projects to raise up marine transport efficiency:

Rear Adm. / Medhat Attia, Alexandria port chairman assured during his meeting yesterday with port leaders on executing the guiding of dr. Galal El-Said minister of transport to do the maximum effort to study establishing new projects, at the same time of termination the current projects to raise up the maritime transport efficiency, on the other hand Reda El-Ghandour, port spokesman said that the port received yesterday the vessel “Nord Granium” coming from Belgium loaded with 34 thousands ton of diesel that is currently discharged at the oil dock, El-Ghandour said that the work inside the port goes in a normal way at which the total number of vessels at the port reached 148 vessels, 46 docked vessel, outer anchorage 41 vessels, 6 vessels arrived & 8 vessels departed.  Al-Ahram Newspaper 28/3/2016  


Local News

- The minister of transport with Singapore study a project of construct fast marine transport services

Dr/Galal Said met representatives of "sserpxe" the Singapore company which behaved by vinmar Co. in Egypt they assure that the target is the Co. Operation in ship field which submit services in transit & Coast transshipment over ports Singapore – Gabal Ali – Hamporg – Rotterdam the Co. has a ship with Egypt flag. The Co. try to serve the shipping line. And its suggested to construct a fast serving to transport the Egyptian products (agricultural & freeze) to direct link between port said – Domyeta – Alex. To Russia. Elgomhoreya 13/4/2016

- El-Agouza Storm Crawls to Alexandria:

El-Agouza Storm start to crawl to different districts of Alexandria which witnessed light raining on various zones of the governorate & on the corniche that will last for 6 days.
Reda El-Ghadnour, Alexandria port spokesman declared that the total number of vessels at the port reached 150 vessels, 12 vessels departed, 41 vessels entered, entering & exiting of 9 thousands trucks loaded with general cargos. On the other hand all governorate authorities took all the possible procedures to maintain easiness in traffic especially in fog time.  Al-Ahram Newspaper 27/3/2016

- Rear Adm. / Medhat Attia, Alexandria port chairman searched with the Panamanian transport minister George Barakat common cooperation opportunities between the port & Panama transport ministry, that came during the minister visit to the port accompanied by Tomas Guardia Panama ambassador at Cairo, Magdalena Cerda Panama sea employees affairs manager, the Panamanian mission listened to a presentation by Alexandria port chairman Medhat Attia which includes the most important development projects that established & finally Attia gifted the port shield to the Panamanian minister. El-Gomhoria 16/3/2016

- Continue of Closing Alexandria & Suez Ports ……. Heavy Rains in Kafr El-Sheikh. Al-Ahram Newspaper16/3/2016


Tourism News 

- Three thousand tourists arrived safaga, and Sharm Elshekh, and Alexandria:

There was a noticed activity in Alex. And red Sea ports in tourist movement where received about three thousand tourists in safaga (1152 tourists) on the ship Notika from different nationalities coming Elakaba port to visit the tourist places in Luxor and Aswan , also the shop (black water) departed the port with 451 tourists and 353 from crew to 90 sharm Elshikh port.
On another side the "Silver Wesber "departed the port with 296 tourist and 300 person from crew.
R.Adm. / Hesham Abusena Chairman of red sea port assure that the facilities and ease the procedures are important specially the priority for the tourist ship and  coordinate with companies and marine agencies to save the buses to transport the tourists from the port with police cars.
- Mr.Reda Elghandour the formal speaker in behalf of Alex. port that the port receive of the Maltian ship" meen shif one" with 1859 from different nationalities in addition the services crew 800 person the tourist group arrived the port from "eleinelsokhna" and Alex. Port with the tourist authority in the government prepared a program for the group which will arrived Mediterranean Sea to continue the trip.
Vice chairman / Mohamed Eldakak received the group and ordered to finish all procedures,
The Pilot / Sadek Alshory Elgardaka international Airport announce the air movements is 43 air trip, and the there is a safety committee from Russia transport arrived Elghardakha airport to check the safety procedures to re-operate the Russian air the committee will finish its work the next Friday.

- Arrival of 2626 Tourists from Various Nationalities to Alexandria Port:

Alexandria port received the Maltese cruise ship “Meen Chief” carrying 1795 tourists from various nationalities in addition to its crew of 831 personnel, the vessel came from Safaga to visit the monumental landmarks & tourism sights at Alexandria & Cairo to continue its trip to Cyprus & other Mediterranean ports, Reda El-Ghandour the official port spokesman said that the port prepared a program accompanied by roses bouquets & folk dances in the reception of the tourists, & that came in coordination with tourism board, El-Ghandour added that the port personnel provided all facilities for the vessel since it came till departure the tourists from the port. On other hand, Eng./ Mohamed El-Dakak, Alexandria port vice president gave instructions to terminate all procedures of entering & exiting of tourists. El-Mesa Newspaper 3/4/2016

- Alexandria port received the cruise ship “Island Sky” coming from El-Ein El-Sokhna carrying various nationalities & it will travel later to Cyprus, Reda El-Ghandour Alexandria port spokesman said that the port personnel provided all facilities for the vessel since it came till departure the tourists from the port. El-Mesa Newspaper 1/4/2016 

- Alexandria port has received 3062 tourists:

Alexandria port has received yesterday the Maltees Tourism ship (Mein Schiff) that is coming from Turkish then the ship will sail to Safaga Port and it had 3062 tourists from different nationalities that is the biggest number of tourism ship passengers that visited Alexandria during 2015 and the public relations department in the port has prepared a party from the Egyptian of Arts group to receive the tourists and they presented them the presents and flowers.
The Admiral/ Fathy Taha Mohamed - the chairman of Alexandria port authority and by coordinationg with the competent authorities to facilitate all the procedures for tourist to enter and exit of tourists to and from the port easily and peace.
From another point the natural movement has continued in the port where the ratios of stevedoring and the movement of ships and trucks has registered their national ratios.  El Masry El Youm Newspaper 16-11-2015