Economic News  

- Alexandria port looks for new projects to raise up marine transport efficiency:

Rear Adm. / Medhat Attia, Alexandria port chairman assured during his meeting yesterday with port leaders on executing the guiding of dr. Galal El-Said minister of transport to do the maximum effort to study establishing new projects, at the same time of termination the current projects to raise up the maritime transport efficiency, on the other hand Reda El-Ghandour, port spokesman said that the port received yesterday the vessel “Nord Granium” coming from Belgium loaded with 34 thousands ton of diesel that is currently discharged at the oil dock, El-Ghandour said that the work inside the port goes in a normal way at which the total number of vessels at the port reached 148 vessels, 46 docked vessel, outer anchorage 41 vessels, 6 vessels arrived & 8 vessels departed.  Al-Ahram Newspaper 28/3/2016  

Arrival of 223 Thousands Ton of Corn & Wheat to Alexandria Port:

Reda El-Ghandour, Alexandria port spokesman declared that the port received day before yesterday the vessel “ Geneva Queen” loaded with 50 thousands ton of corn coming from Ukraine, in the same time it is currently working on discharging the vessel “Captain Demantis” loaded with 63 thousands ton of wheat coming from Russia, the vessel “Lams Pluto” loaded with 52 thousands ton of wheat coming from Romania, the vessel “Lady Demeth” loaded with 28 thousands ton of soya bean coming from Greece & the vessel “Riviera” loaded with 30 thousands ton of gasoline coming from Greece, Rear Adm./ Medhat Attia Alexandria port chairman assured on terminating all procedures of checking the shipments by designated authorities to make sure of its validity. Al-Ahram Newspaper 26/3/2016

- Reda El-Ghandour Alexandria port spokesman declared that the port received yesterday the veseel “ Wadi Teyba” loaded with 64 thousands ton of wheat coming from Russia & it is currently working on discharging it, on the other hand the vessel “Gillard b” is discharged of a shipment of 6 thousands ton of sunflower oil coming from England, also the vessel “Simwa” that’s loaded with 33 thousands ton of diesel coming from Greece, while the ferry “Grand Spagata” loaded with 300 vehicles coming from Red sea & finally the ferry  “GRAN BRETAGNA” loaded with  vehicles coming from Greece. El-Ghandour added that the total number of ships at the port is 172 vessels, 11 vessels departed, 48 vessels docked on berths, while 8289 trucks entered & exited the port in an easy way as a result of the coordination between all authorities within concern.7/3/2016

Alex port received the first shipment of fattening calf from Spain including 1100 livestock and 10.000 calfs, within the signed agreement between the hold company of industrial food and the national services of Armed forces projects, with one of the giant Spanish company working in the field of lives stock. Vet quarantine held  many committees, including representatives of the armed force and the vet services to select the best offspring and to examone the imported shipments to confirm its quality before distributed on the electronic butchery.   11-2-2016


Local News

- El-Agouza Storm Crawls to Alexandria:

El-Agouza Storm start to crawl to different districts of Alexandria which witnessed light raining on various zones of the governorate & on the corniche that will last for 6 days.
Reda El-Ghadnour, Alexandria port spokesman declared that the total number of vessels at the port reached 150 vessels, 12 vessels departed, 41 vessels entered, entering & exiting of 9 thousands trucks loaded with general cargos. On the other hand all governorate authorities took all the possible procedures to maintain easiness in traffic especially in fog time.  Al-Ahram Newspaper 27/3/2016

- Rear Adm. / Medhat Attia, Alexandria port chairman searched with the Panamanian transport minister George Barakat common cooperation opportunities between the port & Panama transport ministry, that came during the minister visit to the port accompanied by Tomas Guardia Panama ambassador at Cairo, Magdalena Cerda Panama sea employees affairs manager, the Panamanian mission listened to a presentation by Alexandria port chairman Medhat Attia which includes the most important development projects that established & finally Attia gifted the port shield to the Panamanian minister. El-Gomhoria 16/3/2016

- Continue of Closing Alexandria & Suez Ports ……. Heavy Rains in Kafr El-Sheikh. Al-Ahram Newspaper16/3/2016

-  Navigation Traffic department at Alexandria port decided yesterday to close the straight after recording a meteorological measurement of high wind speed reaching 30 knots & high sea waves reaching 4 meters which represents danger on vessels, berths & marine units if straight remains opened. Reda El-Ghandour, Alexandria port spokesman said that rescue units, departments of navigation traffic & maritime services & port operations center are ready for receiving any distress call from the existing ships at the port. El-Ghadnour added that the stevedoring at the port runs in a normal way at which Rear Adm./ Medhat Attia, Alexandria port chairman gave his instructions to designated authorities to facilitate entering & exiting of trucks & cargo, in addition to take care during stevedoring to maintain personnel safety. El-Gomhoria 15/3/2016


Tourism News 

Alexandria port has received 3062 tourists:

Alexandria port has received yesterday the Maltees Tourism ship (Mein Schiff) that is coming from Turkish then the ship will sail to Safaga Port and it had 3062 tourists from different nationalities that is the biggest number of tourism ship passengers that visited Alexandria during 2015 and the public relations department in the port has prepared a party from the Egyptian of Arts group to receive the tourists and they presented them the presents and flowers.
The Admiral/ Fathy Taha Mohamed - the chairman of Alexandria port authority and by coordinationg with the competent authorities to facilitate all the procedures for tourist to enter and exit of tourists to and from the port easily and peace.
From another point the natural movement has continued in the port where the ratios of stevedoring and the movement of ships and trucks has registered their national ratios.  El Masry El Youm Newspaper 16-11-2015

- 330 Tourists of different nationalities arrived to Alexandria port:

Alex port received the British vessel "Silver Wind" carrying 330 tourists of different nationalities.
The vice- chairman announced the vessels arrived from Greece travelling to the Red Sea ports.
Reda El Ghandour announced that the port set a touristic program with the cooperation with the General Authority of tourist promotion included visit to the touristic places as well as the markets at Alex city.   2-11-2015   Al Messa

The great "Mid Chief one" arrived to Alex port
The port of Alexandria received 12.000 tourists during last October

Alex port received 2874 tourists from different European nationalities on the vessel "Mid Chief One"
The Rear Admiral/ Fathi Taha received the tourists , supervised the vessel entrance and combined procedures.
Tourists, number increased to be 12.000 tourists from different European nationalities.     29-10-2015 Al Gomhuria

326 Passengers arrived to Alexandria port:

Alex port received yesterday 326 passengers from different nationalities on the cruise vessel "Minerva" from Ain Sokhna.